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About the Company

Practical Defense International LLC specializes in:

  1. Providing weapons, accessories, shooting targets and specialized services to Law Enforcement and Military customers.
  2. Production of specialized weapon components for Military and Law Enforcement.
  3. Gun smithing with an emphasis on Military and Law Enforcement applications.
  4. Firearms training and marksmanship with shooting targets from shootingtargets7  on our outdoor shooting range.
  5. Providing Class 3 weapons (e.g. silencers, machine guns, and short-barreled rifles) for responsible personal defense and collecting.

Practical Defense International has a Class 7 FFL, complete with SOT (Special Occupational Tax). Hence, Practical Defense can transfer and manufacture firearms and accessories, including Class 3 items. In addition to the inventory on-hand, Practical Defense can also special order items like these great steel targets for sale to improve your shooting skills if necessary.


Check the current inventory listing to see what Class 3 weapons are currently available for purchase.




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