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    NFA Class III

  • FNMI M240B belt-fed machine gun: Chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win). One of a handful of these weapons available to civilians (See: Why so few?). "New-in-box" condition; never fired. Developed from the Belgian MAG58 machine gun, the M240B is the current medium machine gun fielded by the U.S. military. The rate of fire is operator-adjustable between 750 and 950 rounds/min. In the "B" configuration, the machine gun is setup for infantry use, with heat shield, bipod, buttstock, and handles. The same machine gun is also used as a vehicle weapon on tanks and APCs, and any M240 can be converted between the various options (vehicle, infantry, etc.). The manufacturer claims unsurpassed reliability of 26,000 mean rounds between failures. $175,000 in cash or trade.
  • H&K HK21 belt-fed machine gun: This machine gun uses the roller-delayed blowback system made famous by the H&K G3 and MP5 series of weapons. This particular weapon is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO rifle round (.308 Winchester). All parts of the weapon, except the registered sear, are newly manufactured. The registered sear can be used in any compatible H&K trigger group, including those that fit convertible MP5 and G3 weapons. $25,000.
  • Colt M16A1 assault rifle: This is an original, Colt-manufactured M16A1 lower (collapsible stock) with a short-barreled M16A2 upper. Lower receiver is pristine; upper receiver has never been fired. This is a true assault rifle - selective fire (safe, semi, auto), detachable magazine, and iron battle sights. Fully transferable, and registered for all available caliber conversions (9mm, .45, .22, and .50). With the short barrel, this M16A1 is effectively an M4, with collapsible stock. As the upper receiver is not a firearm (under ATF rules), the owner can add any desired upper, from a .22LR conversion to a .50BMG bolt-action upper. $18,000.
  • H&K MP5K sub-machine gun: A compact version of the famous MP5 sub-machine gun. Chambered for 9x19mm ammunition (9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum). The MP5K fires from a closed bolt, with ghost-ring sights, making it one of the most accurate compact weapons available. The MP5 series SMGs are highly prized by police forces around the world, and the MP5K is equally popular for those needing very compact firepower. With a rate of fire of ~600 rounds/min, the MP5K packs full-size firepower in a tiny package. Comes with magazines. This weapon is a conversion, from a H&K SP-89 (semi-auto version). $17,000.
  • Briefcase for MP5K: This briefcase can hold a fully-functional MP5K inside, with remote trigger. The weapon can be fired from the briefcase handle, with spent brass accumulating in the case. Usable with MP5K weapons.$1,500.
  • Cobray MAC-10 sub-machine gun: Compact, high rate-of-fire (1000+ rpm) sub-machine gun chambered for 9x19mm ammunition. The MAC-10 is a simple, reliable, boxy sub-machine gun. Many movie heroes and villians have used a MAC of some form (the title character in Blade has a modified MAC). Although not as well-used in law enforcement circles as the H&K series of weapons, the MAC-10 is a decent, inexpensive machine gun that is fun to shoot. $3,400
  • Interport Sten Gun: Reproduction of the classic Sten gun (Mk II) from World War II. A simple, reliable design that fires from an open bolt. The weapon has simple sights, being designed for high volume of fire directed at a general target, rather than precision sniping. Chambered for 9x19mm ammunition. This is a fun sub-machine gun best suited to plinking. $3,700.
  • Group Industries Uzi: Newly manufactured Uzi sub-machine gun, using a registered receiver. This is a transferable Uzi, chambered for 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm). An Israeli design, the Uzi has seen action around the world, and is a common SMG in use by military and police forces. Reliable and frighteningly accurate for an open-bolt design, Uzis are fun to shoot and easily capable of hitting reasonable targets at 100 yds with burst fire. Rate of fire is ~600 rounds/min. This Uzi comes with forward pistol grip, 4 magazines (2x 25 round, 2x 32 round), suppressor (dry, no maintenance type), red dot sight and mount, sling, and folding stock. $8,500 with suppressor.

    Ordinary Firearms

  • Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle: This is the military version of the M82A1 sniper rifle which is typically seen in gun stores. Perfectly legal for civilians to own (except in CA), but very difficult to find for sale in any condition. NOTE: California bans this weapon, as it has a removable magazine, pistol grip, and is chambered for .50BMG. The rifle is semi-automatic (only), using controls identical to a standard AR-style rifle. Chambered for .50BMG, the felt recoil is no more than a standard 12 gauge shotgun. Due to the .50BMG's speed and mass, this rifle can hit targets at ranges of at least 1500 yards. Anyone wishing to try extreme range marksmanship should consider a .50BMG rifle, and this is one of the best. This rifle comes with scope and hard-sided transport case. Two 10 round magazines are included. Manufacturer claims an out-of-the-box accuracy of better than 1.0 MOA (12" at 1200 yds) with factory ammunition. Used condition, with <150 rounds fired total. Not Class III. $12,000.
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle: Semi-automatic pistol chambered for the awesome .50 Action Express. The best description of an Eagle in .50 AE is "Hand Cannon"; firing one is an experience that is almost universally addicting. This pistol comes in a 24k gold finish, including the magazines. Desert Eagle pistols are manufactured in Israel, and imported by Magnum Research. This handgun model has been in many movies, and the gold finish gives this pistol a distinctive style. Although firing one of the most powerful handgun cartridges available, recoil is manageable for even small stature shooters. This is not recommended as a defensive firearm, but is exceptional for target practice and hunting. New-in-box, with one 7-round magazine. Not Class III. $1300.

Purchasing a Class III Firearm

Most of our weapons for sale are classified as a Class III weapon under the National Firearms Act of 1934. This means that additional paperwork beyond the typical BATF forms needs to be filed for a legal transaction. In addition, there is a $200 transfer tax on each Class III weapon. If you wish to purchase one or more of the Class III firearms available, please contact Practical Defense International to begin the paperwork process. It typically takes 2-6 months to clear all paperwork for a Class III transfer.

To purchase one of these firearms, you will need to have a local firearms dealer who has a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and that can deal in Class III weapons. If your local dealer doesn't know about Class III weapons, please contact Practical Defense International, and we will try to locate a local Class III dealer for you.

Some states regulate (and may prohibit) the possession or transfer of Class III weapons. Please find out from local law enforcement if your state prohibits Class III weapons before contacting Practical Defense International. We will not transfer a weapon to a person in a state that prohibits Class III weapons.

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Last updated December 10, 2004.