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The Weapons Research Group of Practical Defense International performs research into the maintenance, design, and use of weapons. The Group has three main areas of interest:

Specialized Gunsmithing

Personnel at Practical Defense International have experience with a variety of weapons, and the various malfunctions that can occur with them. If you have a problem with your machine gun, grenade launcher, or sidearm, contact Practical Defense International and we'll see what we can do.

Practical Defense Int'l does not aim to provide general gunsmithing services, as our time is limited. Instead, we provide troubleshooting and repair services for uncommon problems with more exotic weapons. If we can't fix it in-house, we can most likely direct you to someone who can.

Custom Reloading

One of the often overlooked, yet critical, components of any firearm system is the ammunition. To achieve the best accuracy from any firearm, the ammunition must be carefully loaded with identical powder charges, uniformly pressed primers, and carefully seated bullets. Practical Defense International can help you achieve the highest levels of accuracy from your firearms by providing custom-loaded ammunition to your specifications.

Contact us for pricing on custom hand-loaded ammunition.

Class III Manufacturing

Although new Class III weapons are only available to law enforcement and government purchasers, repairs and modifications to registered Class III weapons are legal. Practical Defense International can manage a range of design and prototype services for repairs and modifications to Class III weapons.

White Papers

In addition to the tangible pursuits above, the Weapons Research Group also produces white papers on various aspects of firearms, ammunition, etc. These white papers are freely available, and may be downloaded from here.

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Last updated November 23, 2004.